Sue, 72

Sue is a very active 72-year-old. She started her pickleball journey three years ago and has been actively playing multiple times a week ever since. Gradually, she began experiencing pain that radiated down her right leg, which she initially believed to be recurring sciatica. Despite attempting self-treatment based on her previous experiences with sciatica, the symptoms persisted without improvement. After a few months, Sue consulted her orthopedic specialist for further evaluation and assistance.

Upon the orthopedic specialist’s recommendation, Sue underwent an MRI which unveiled that her condition was not sciatica but rather Spondylosis affecting her lower back. Spondylosis refers to a spine condition where osteoarthritis can lead to spinal segment immobility, leading to low back pain, leg pain, and potential nerve compression symptoms. With a preference to avoid surgery, Sue explored various pain relief options. Unfortunately, despite trying a couple of different approaches, none proved effective in alleviating her discomfort.

Discouraged with the thought of living with chronic low back pain, Sue had received a letter from her insurance company introducing TailorCare. The letter stated that TailorCare can help those living with back, joint, or muscle pain find the right treatment options. She thought, “Well if my insurance company has faith in TailorCare, then I should give them a call.”

Sue contacted TailorCare and connected with a Clinical Navigator, a licensed physical therapist, who conducted a comprehensive phone intake. After attentively listening to Sue’s concerns and preferences, the Clinical Navigator discussed potential solutions, while also respecting Sue’s strong preference to avoid surgery. As a result of understanding all options, Sue elected to pursue physical therapy with potential for modalities.

Sue could not be happier with her interactions with her Clinical Navigator. He educated Sue on her physician, provided diagnosis, and checked in on her progress frequently. “I love how he [Clinical Navigator] would schedule my check-in calls. I appreciated his knowledge, and he made sure I was getting the results [from physical therapy].” 

Sue is continuing her physical therapy, and is feeling so much better. The pain she was experiencing in her leg and around her ankles has almost subsided. “It is great that my insurance company sent the information about TailorCare. I appreciated talking to my Clinical Navigator. He became a friend. He made sure I was satisfied with my care, and I hope everyone can work with TailorCare.”

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