Renee, 65

Renee, who is an active 65 year old, had experienced back pain for a few years when she went in for an elective procedure. Waking from anesthesia, her back was in spasms, leaving Renee with pain so severe she was unable to perform daily tasks such as standing to wash dishes or lying still to fall asleep.

After a month of increased discomfort, she sought help from her Primary Care Physician (PCP). Renee’s PCP prescribed a muscle relaxer and an anti-inflammatory medication, but it only provided minimal pain relief. 

The constant pain and failure of the prescribed medications led Renee to call an orthopedic office to schedule an appointment with a specialist. She was transferred to TailorCare and spoke to a Clinical Navigator, a licensed physical therapist who performed a thorough intake and explained her treatment options over the phone. 

With her Clinical Navigator’s help, Renee decided she would benefit from physical therapy, which her Clinical Navigator scheduled. “I was confident in my Clinical Navigators knowledge. She went far and beyond!”

Renee says she is now pain free. Her spasms have stopped, and she is back to doing the things she loves, like cooking.

“Working with my Clinical Navigator, I knew I would not fall through the cracks. She asked if she could call me back in a week, and she did. People say they will call, but they never do.”

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