Bethany, 49

Walking caused Bethany, a normally active 49-year-old, debilitating pain each day. Each morning’s first steps produced a sharp pain in her foot for three weeks. The pain became unbearable, and Bethany knew she needed to seek help.

Bethany called an orthopedic specialist, which is how she got connected to TailorCare. Her Clinical Navigator, a licensed physical therapist, performed a comprehensive phone intake and listened to her history and symptoms. Based on the conversation, the Clinical Navigator suggested that she could be suffering from plantar fasciitis, a painful condition involving the structures on the bottom of her foot. After some shared decision making, Bethany and her Navigator made a plan to have Bethany start physical therapy. However, due to the intensity of her pain, Bethany was also scheduled with an orthopedic provider to prescribe something for pain relief.

She shared her TailorCare experience with her orthopedic doctor, and he confirmed the plantar fasciitis diagnosis. He seconded TailorCare’s recommendation for physical therapy to alleviate her symptoms.

Bethany’s Clinical Navigator assisted with securing her an appointment with a physical therapy clinic close to her home. Bethany said, “My [Clinical Navigator] thought more about my injury than I did. Physical therapy helped a lot, and I eventually forgot about the pain. I could tell my Clinical Navigator really cared about me.”

What truly impressed Bethany and her experience with TailorCare was the level of communication and follow-up she received. “I was pleasantly surprised at the check-in calls. I could not imagine anyone else going above and beyond the way my Clinical Navigator did. She said if I ever needed to talk to give her a call any time!” 

“TailorCare really helped me with my foot. The knowledge my Clinical Navigator brought to the check-in conversations and the time spent listening to my concerns gave me a sense of confidence. Her information was invaluable. It was like I have known her for a long time.” 


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