Maria, 68

Sharp, constant pain up Maria’s back three years ago left her unable to wear a bra. Looking for answers, she went to her primary care physician. After examination, he diagnosed her with osteoporosis, a medical condition in which the bones become brittle and fragile from tissue loss, and suggested twice-a-year injections to treat her condition. As for the pain, her physician said the injections may provide some relief but that she would “just have to deal with pain,” leaving her a bit disappointed.

Thankfully, the injections provided some relief for a few years, but the pain eventually came back. Not wanting to see her old physician, Maria sought treatment with One Medical Seniors. Her new physician took X-rays and referred her to a Rheumatologist. 

Maria’s Rheumatologist respected that she did not want to take medications or keep up with the injections. He suggested trying physical therapy, so Maria went back to her primary care physician who then referred her to TailorCare.

Once connected to TailorCare, Maria spoke to a Clinical Navigator, a licensed physical therapist. English is not Maria’s first language so the Clinical Navigator, with the assistance of a translator, conducted a thorough assessment over the phone, which Maria said was very “respectful.” The Clinical Navigator listened to her concerns regarding the pain she was experiencing, explained the benefits of physical therapy, and scheduled an appointment close to her home. 

“Thank you to TailorCare for the nice treatment and encouragement to work hard for myself.” Maria is now pain-free after completing physical therapy. She was “shocked at the quality of service” she received from her Clinical Navigator. “I talked to [my Clinical Navigator] all the time. He treated me with warmth and compassion,” making Maria feel  valued and he truly cared about her well-being. 


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