Robyn, 49

Severe right shoulder pain stopped Robyn in her tracks on a Sunday afternoon. “Nothing caused the pain; it happened out of the blue.” Her pain was so intense she could not sleep and, as an amputee, made using her crutches impossible.  

Desperate for relief, she took Ibuprofen. When the Ibuprofen failed, she opted for a stronger pain pill only to experience temporary relief. After a few days and unable to live with the continued pain, Robyn went to her primary care physician who diagnosed her with frozen shoulder, a stiffness and pain in the shoulder joint.

Robyn’s physician referred her to TailorCare. A Clinical Navigator, a licensed physical therapist, called her to discuss her condition, perform a thorough assessment, and discuss treatment options.  This helped Robyn decide to see an orthopedic specialist and her Clinical Navigator scheduled her first appointment.

The orthopedic specialist recommended a cortisone injection followed by physical therapy. Ready to get back to using her arm, Robyn was hopeful the pain would soon subside.

To Robyn’s surprise, she only needed a few physical therapy sessions before she felt 100% better. Robyn attributes her Clinical Navigator for helping her feel better so quickly. “He was helpful, attentive and really listened.”

Robyn’s Clinical Navigator assisted with the specialist referral, scheduled her physical therapy appointment, and was available to talk whenever Robyn had a question. “My Clinical Navigator handled each call with professionalism. He did a great job. I had his number on speed dial”!

Robyn wishes TailorCare could help her with all of her medical needs because everything was “easy breezy”! 


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