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No two patients are the same. Treatment plans for joint, back, and muscle pain shouldn’t be either.

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With musculoskeletal (MSK) pain, knowing the right path forward isn’t always easy. Too many patients take wrong turns and hit dead ends on their care journey. That leads to unnecessary referrals and less-than-favorable health outcomes that fail patient and provider expectations.

In a country where half of the population is living with an MSK condition, it is clear that a more efficient approach is overdue.

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TailorCare takes out the guesswork for patients, connecting them with the right provider and the right level of care. Our comprehensive care program is rooted in a clinical assessment that considers a patient’s symptoms, health history, preferences, and goals. Coupled with predictive data and up-to-the-minute evidence-based guidelines, we help patients choose—and navigate—the most effective treatment pathway for their specific needs—every step of the way.

The result? Improved treatment adherence, happier care journeys, better patient outcomes, and a more efficient system for all.

Empowering patients to make the best treatment decisions for their unique joint, back, and muscle conditions.

Our mission

TailorCare is transforming the experience of specialty care.

Our values

Put patients first

Our company exists to help patients navigate the healthcare system and feel better. We make every decision and measure every outcome based on how well it serves the patient.

Act with integrity

We’re committed to doing what’s right. We collaborate, keep our promises, and build trust through responsible actions and honest relationships.

Partner with purpose

Through our partnerships, we achieve better clinical outcomes, deliver significant value, and create long-term relationships to improve healthcare delivery.

Deliver results

Our team sets and achieves bold goals. We’re committed to acting quickly, providing forward-thinking solutions, and delivering measurable success to all our stakeholders.

Perform better together

We’re passionate about creating a positive and inclusive culture where everyone is genuinely seen, heard, and respected. We learn from and bring out the best in each other.

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Leadership Team

Rachel Winokur

Rachel Winokur

Chief Executive Officer

John Petito

John Petito

Chief Strategy Officer

Julie Sumrack

Julie Sumrack

Chief People Officer

Erin Mastagni

Erin Mastagni

SVP, Clinical Operations

Scott Linthorst

Scott Linthorst

SVP, Finance

Dan Levis

Dan Levis

SVP, Market Development

Rachel Jiang

Rachel Jiang

SVP, Product

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