Kathryn, 76

Meet Kathryn, a remarkable 76-year-old who refuses to let anything hold her back, not even chronic arthritis in her spine. Despite her condition, Kathryn remains dedicated to an active lifestyle that includes strength training and a daily stretching routine.  

Unfortunately, Kathryn sustained whiplash injury to her spine and a concussion after a fall. The persistent pain between her shoulders had a significant impact on her daily life, making it difficult for her to perform even simple household tasks. Recognizing the need for medical attention, Kathryn contacted an orthopedic specialist, who promptly connected her with TailorCare. 

Kathryn spoke to a Clinical Navigator, a licensed physical therapist, who went through a thorough phone intake to understand her injury. During the conversation, Kathryn learned she had many options for treatment and ultimately decided she would like to pursue physical therapy in hopes of significant improvement with her pain and function.

Throughout physical therapy, Kathryn received regular check-in phone calls from her Clinical Navigator which she says, changed her life.  The time her Clinical Navigator spent listening to her concerns made Kathryn feel like “She [Clinical Navigator] was my friend. I knew she was on my side. I am feeling better and I owe it all to my Clinical Navigator and TailorCare.”

Kathryn is back to her daily activities, strength training and stretching. Housework is no longer difficult and her pain is no longer constant.

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