Nancy, 74

Nancy knew the severity of her recent fall. Her left shoulder throbbed. The intense pain was worse than the three right rotator cuff surgeries she had previously endured. At 74, she understood the potential complications of surgery and sought alternative options for care. 

Her orthopedist connected her to TailorCare. A Clinical Navigator, a licensed physical therapist, conducted a comprehensive phone intake, attentively listening to her concerns and goal of finding alternative treatment options to alleviate her pain and regain her lifestyle. After their conversation, Nancy made the decision to embark on a physical therapy journey, aiming to effectively manage her pain.

Keeping distance in mind, her Clinical Navigator located a physical therapy clinic close to her home and scheduled the appointment. “I have never had someone like my Clinical Navigator before. It was nice to have someone who cared so much and found a physical therapy clinic close to my house. I do not like to drive far, and my previous physical therapy clinic was way across town.”

Nancy is experiencing remarkable pain relief through consistent physical therapy. Her shoulder discomfort has significantly diminished, reaching a near-complete resolution. She faithfully follows the home exercise program prescribed by her physical therapist, aiming for continued progress and maintenance of her improved condition. 

“When I started therapy, my pain level was really high. It was nice to have someone call and ask you how you are doing. My [Clinical Navigator] was pleasant to talk to. You like to feel like someone cares when you get older. I could not have asked for anything better. Thank you for everything.”

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