Roy, 68

Roy, an active 68-year-old, woke up to pain in his shoulder. The pain was so great that he was not able to raise his arm more than a few inches, hindering his daily activities. Roy knew he could not live with this type of pain and immobility.

His first visit was to his primary care physician (PCP). The PCP then referred him to an orthopedic specialist. After an examination, the orthopedic specialist suggested a cortisone injection and physical therapy. This is when Roy connected with TailorCare. 

A Clinical Navigator, a physical therapist, spoke to Roy over the phone and conducted a thorough intake to assess his symptoms and discuss his goals. Once the Clinical Navigator answered Roy’s questions and reviewed the treatment options, Roy scheduled a physical therapy appointment.

The Clinical Navigator explained that he would check in on his physical therapy progress, and Roy was happy when he received his check-in calls. “He [Clinical Navigator] stayed in touch with me throughout the process.” Because of this, Roy also feels that “this is a valuable service that’s beneficial for people who fall through the healthcare cracks.”

Physical therapy went so well that they released him after a few visits. “I appreciated my Clinical Navigator for reaching out to me. I can see how this could help someone with a more serious case, having someone by your side. It is excellent to have a service like TailorCare to help you and find solutions to resolve your issues.”

Roy attributes the initial pain to overuse but is thrilled his recovery went smoothly. “The best part of the experience is where the service starts and stops. All the communication my Clinical Navigator had with me was pleasant. I was happy to have someone that was interested in my well-being.”

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