Linda, 65

Linda enjoys relaxing since her retirement two years ago. But after sitting in her recliner, the 65-year-old began to develop back and neck pain. The pain would come and go in severity. When the pain worsened, Linda would seek treatment and start to feel better. But after two years of this on-again, off-again pain, she was about to call her primary care physician again until she connected with TailorCare, which set her on a path to feeling better.

Her Clinical Navigator, a licensed physical therapist, took her through a thorough phone intake. After their conversation, Linda determined that she wanted to try physical therapy.

Once in physical therapy, she was amazed at how quickly she developed strength in her core, back, and neck muscles. “I learned that there are types of pain you can push through because you are working with muscles you have not used in the past.” This has pushed Linda to work harder throughout her physical therapy sessions.

What Linda loves even more are the follow-up calls from her Clinical Navigator. “I love the check-in calls. I am accountable to her, and I needed that push to get moving.” She feels her Clinical Navigator has “absolutely motivated her to go to physical therapy and take action.”

She also learned a lot about keeping active. “No one had ever suggested that my pain might have been from lack of conditioning and sitting in my recliner, which has affected my walking and posture. However, my Clinical Navigator suggested that strengthening my neck and back muscles may help. It was amazing!”

Linda has incorporated her physical therapy exercises at home as part of her morning routine. “I set an alarm, get up, and go through my exercises. That has been a game changer; it is just part of my day. I have no doubt the consistency and exercises have helped.”

This testimonial reflects the patient’s personal experience. Individual results may vary. We do not guarantee that anyone else will achieve the same results.