Arlene, 71

Walking, gardening, and being active have always been things 71-year-old Arlene has enjoyed. Two back surgeries caused constant pain in her lower back and hip. Sitting too long caused pain and stiffness, which affected her daily activities and mobility. 

After receiving two mailings from TailorCare, Arlene decided to call and see how TailorCare could help. Arlene spoke to a Clinical Navigator, a licensed physical therapist who completed a thorough phone intake. 

They discussed her symptoms, decreased mobility, and her aversion to surgery as a treatment option. After considering her non-surgical treatment options, Arlene decided on physical therapy.

Once physical therapy began, she noticed that the stiffness was not as severe, and she could walk without as much difficulty. She also learned exercises she could perform at home, which Arlene continues to do even though therapy is complete.

The positive effects of physical therapy sparked a new life in Arlene. The check-in calls with her Clinical Navigator were encouraging, making her want to work hard for herself. “It was like he was standing right next to me, coaching me. He is a very good physical therapist.”

Life is better for Arlene. She can walk, do housework, and garden again. She was impressed with the level of care she received from TailorCare and her Clinical Navigator. “I called into TailorCare and left a message. My Clinical Navigator called me back the next day! He told me he would check in every two weeks, and he did. I am very thankful for his encouragement.”

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