Betty, 66

Betty suffered from bilateral knee pain for years. At 66 years old, this was not the kind of life she wanted to live, in constant pain. Typically, Betty is active and loves to be with her family and friends.

To help with the pain, Betty had been attending aquatic physical therapy, which made a difference in her muscle strength and pain—however, difficulties with transportation made therapy sessions inconsistent.

In search of help, Betty visited her primary care physician (PCP), who connected her to TailorCare. A Clinical Navigator, a licensed physical therapist, called Betty and took her through a thorough phone intake. This phone call changed everything.

Upon hearing Betty’s situation, her Clinical Navigator immediately began researching aquatic physical therapy locations near Betty’s home. To her delight, there was a clinic just 10 minutes away! “My Clinical Navigator’s enthusiasm was infectious. He had found a new aqua therapy clinic conveniently located along my usual driving route. It felt like a victory, a beacon of hope for someone who truly needed the help.”

Further explaining TailorCare’s services, Betty’s Clinical Navigator assured her he was there to support her every step. Any questions or concerns she had, he would address them. So Betty took him up on that offer and asked if she could get a second opinion from an orthopedic specialist. “Not only did my Clinical Navigator agree, but he also found and scheduled my appointment for the very next week!”

Betty has received follow-up calls from her Clinical Navigator and feels they are a huge benefit. “He calls me every other week to ensure things are going well with my aqua therapy. He is an awesome person and very caring.” Betty is feeling better, loves aqua therapy, and can see the changes in her muscular strength. She is feeling so good she would like to take a vacation soon. She says, “I am going to get out on the dance floor, and it will be without achy knees!”

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