Sharon, 72

Pain began to affect 72-year-old Sharon 20 years ago and has slowly intensified over the years. “The pain was at level ten and would go down to an eight,” and for Sharon, this has affected her daily activities, including household chores. Seeking help from her physician, she was offered pain management as an option.

Sharon was adamant about not wanting to take medicine or have surgery for the pain.” I will keep putting a “band-aid” on the problem before risking surgery.” So she began to explore other options to manage the pain and learned that physical therapy may help. Unable to handle traditional physical therapy due to her degenerative joint disease, she began to attend aquatic physical therapy, which seemed to help. However, a change in her insurance caused a lapse in visits. 

Then, one day, she received a phone call from TailorCare through a connection with her health insurance plan, and her Clinical Navigator took her through a thorough phone intake. During the intake, Sharon could explain her symptoms, and she felt like her Clinical Navigator “was really patient, understood her situation, and really listened to her.” 

After their discussion, Sharon expressed her desire to resume aqua therapy. Her Clinical Navigator provided several options, and Sharon found one close to her home. 

Sharon is now feeling better, can do her housework, and said that it is all because of her Clinical Navigator. Sometimes, she feels a bit achy when she does too much, but she knows healing takes time and progress is being made. “It is important to me to have continued care. My Clinical Navigator saw to that. She is very dear to me.”

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