Karen, 68

To stave off osteoporosis, Karen started strength training. The 68-year old joined a gym and embarked on a new fitness routine until pain in her right elbow forced her to put down the weights. “The pain wasn’t debilitating; it started slowly and then got worse. I didn’t know what caused it.”

For about a year, Karen dealt with the pain until she noticed she depended on her left arm more than her right. During a visit to her primary care physician, she was diagnosed with tennis elbow, an inflammation of the tendons in the forearm. Her doctor referred her to TailorCare for an assessment.

TailorCare performed a clinical intake over the phone that assessed Karen’s symptoms and goals. The comprehensive evaluation is rooted in evidence-based guidelines and recommended physical therapy for her condition.

“TailorCare explained my condition in a way that made a lot of sense, and they helped me schedule the first physical therapy appointment within five miles of my house.”

Karen is back in the gym after a few weeks of physical therapy. While she still has some discomfort, physical therapy has taught her “the difference between good pain and bad pain.” She is more in tune with her body and knows when to push a workout and when to take it easy. “Even though the weights cause me pain, it is usually because it is strengthening my arm. If it is a sharp pain, I stop.”

Karen credits TailorCare with helping her understand the root cause of her tennis elbow and guiding her to the most effective care.

“I feel more educated and can cope with the pain better because TailorCare took the time to explain what was happening with my arm. Even if the pain hasn’t completely gone away, I understand it better and know how to treat it.”

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