Jewell, 77

Jewell’s back and neck pain was affecting her everyday life. The usually active 77-year-old was slowing down, and the new pace was no match for her busy calendar. She experienced a few falls during her weekly aerobics class and couldn’t keep up with her four great-grandchildren. Fed up with the pain, she saw her One Medical Seniors Primary Care Physician who referred her to TailorCare, a care navigation program that provides deeply personal support to patients with joint, back or muscle pain.

TailorCare assessed Jewell’s symptoms and goals and conducted a comprehensive intake that recommended physical therapy for her condition. TailorCare scheduled her first appointment and made sure she understood the treatment plan. She started seeing a physical therapist close to her house, and her pain immediately improved.

“TailorCare suggested physical therapy, and it was the greatest thing they could have done because it’s helped me at every avenue,” said Jewell. “My physical therapist can help find a way to work through any pain that comes up. I look forward to every appointment.”

Jewell’s physical therapist taught her exercises she could do at home and encouraged her to use a walker, giving her the confidence to move independently. “If I have any pain, I can just sit down. With my walker, I know I have something to sit on.”

Jewell says that the best part of physical therapy is that it’s helped her avoid surgery, an option she doesn’t want to consider given her age. She credits therapy with reducing her pain and getting her back to the life she loves, including aerobics—even if she does use a chair—and frequent visits with her great-grandchildren. “It is so fun to be a part of their lives. They are a blessing.”

“I am able to do more. I am so glad that I was introduced to TailorCare because they connected me with a magnificent physical therapist who was able to restore me. Believe it or not, I really feel like a different person.”

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