Edna, 69

Pain radiated down Edna’s right hip and leg, leaving the 69-year-old unable to walk or get down the stairs. “I had never felt pain like this before. I knew I had to get to my doctor and have it checked out.”

She immediately called her One Medical Seniors primary care physician and made an appointment for the next day. Diagnosed with sciatica, her doctor referred her to TailorCare for screening.

Over the phone, TailorCare conducted a comprehensive intake that recommended physical therapy for Edna’s condition. Her clinical navigator, a licensed physical therapist, scheduled her first appointment with a local, in-network therapist. “She explained my options to me, and I was comfortable with her recommendations because I knew she cared. Normally, I call the specialists and see who accepts my insurance. Having someone do all that work for me was helpful.”

Edna’s therapist further explained sciatica and taught her exercises to curb the pain. Her TailorCare clinical navigator continued to check in on her progress. “I was pleased that she called to make sure everything was going well and address any questions I had.”

Discharged from physical therapy, Edna is on the mend. She still completes her exercises at home and walks without pain.

“I am feeling good today! The whole process went smoothly. Having [TailorCare] navigate it for me was very helpful. It’s good to know that people care. I didn’t feel like it was just a job; I knew my clinical navigator genuinely cared about me.”

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